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Making Great Video: When to Hire a Pro... and When to Do-it-yourself

Qiva Media    |    601 Words     |      3 Min

Research shows videos are the best tool for small businesses when it comes to digital marketing - especially in Thailand.


That’s why our Qiva team has put together an essential guide for small business owners who want to create great videos, and avoid some costly pitfalls.


In this article, we talk about:

  • when to do your own videos

  • when you should hire pros


Now you can shoot, edit, script or produce the exact video you need, regardless of your budget.


Do it yourself, or not?

Depending on what you’re trying to capture or convey, you might be able to do your next several videos in-house with just your smartphone. When they’re short social media snippets, even major retailers know they don’t have to be perfect - they just need to be authentically you. They’re great for showing your customers a more personable side to your business.  That might mean making sure that your sound and audio are easily understood, your spokesperson is articulate, or you’ve simply setup a great composition.


However, be aware research by Wistia shows people are more likely to watch videos that are professionally produced (and after a certain budget size it doesn’t make much difference!)


That’s when you might need a pro, such as a videographer or a video production house.


So when should you hire an outsider? If the answer to any of the following questions is “Yes,” hire a professional.

Do you need beauty shots for your venue or products? Will lighting be tricky?


If you can use a tripod to capture all your shots, you should be able to do it on your own. Bonus for a room with a sunny window or door nearby. These produce gorgeous lighting and are free!


If you need to move the camera at all, you may need a pro who can setup the shot nicely. No one likes shaky shots or out-of-focus zooms. Likewise, you'll need a pro to handle windowless rooms, dark venues and bright outdoor conditions, since these all require handling with either the camera or lighting equipment.


Do you want high quality video, or are you doing longer interviews (more than 10 seconds) that require perfect audio?


For immaculate footage, you’ll need a skilled pro. Higher resolutions require high-end equipment, in general. If you’re interviewing anyone on-camera, then you’ll also need an experienced professional listening carefully on headphones to coach your spokesperson.

At the same time, many phones already have 4K capability, so if you have a steady hand or some basic equipment, you could do it yourself, with some practice. But keep in mind that 4K doesn’t automatically mean that your footage will look spectacular. Also, if you’re only doing short interview snippets on easy topics, and your spokesperson is articulate and confident, a cheaper microphone and a set of headphones may be all you need.


Did you discover you can DIY? Great!

We've put together some tips and useful links for you on our DIY page.


Ok, so you’ve decided to hire a professional. Now what?


At Qiva, we’ve been through the process of hiring, briefing, pre-production, post-production and more countless times in our careers. It’s why we’ve streamlined the process, each Qiva video script follows a pre-designed format that we customize to your business. That means shoots are streamlined. Editing is easier and efficient.


If you choose Qiva, everything is clear-cut: scripting, shoot dates, format, ordering and anything extra you might need.


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