Hello Social - Explained

The Hello Social video production format is designed to make your business in Thailand stand out and be remembered on social media. Research-based and flavoured by our love for video.

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The basics

Who is it for?


Hello Social is for almost ALL types of businesses, it works best to promote a physical product, store, restaurant, hotel, spa, beauty salon, sport facility, etc. It doesn't work as well with online products, such as games, apps or SaaS products.


Hello Social videos are always filmed at one (1) physical location, such as your place of business. It’s important that there is some type  of "action" happening (read more about scenes below).

This action can be anything from a customer browsing a store to a demo of your newest robot! Let your creativity run free.


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Hello Social videos come in 2 base lengths, 30 seconds & 60 seconds.

We recommend 30 seconds for Social Media and 60 seconds for everything else.
You can also add shorter "cut downs" of your base video.

15 & 6 second versions are available.


On Social Media you need to get your message across fast.

Longer cuts (60 & 30 seconds) are skipped less. Short cuts (15 & 6 seconds) drive ad recall. Together they increase the reach of your campaign.

Learn more from Google.



We will show your logo within the first 3 seconds of your video.


Early branding that appears in the first three seconds of a video ad tend to have higher ad recall.

Learn more from Facebook and from Google.

Key Message


We will show your Key Message within 10 seconds.


Gone are the days when your message would come at the end of your ad.

Ads that delivered the key message in the first 10 seconds are correlated with stronger brand and message recall.

Learn more from Facebook.

Call To Action


Invite viewers to visit your website, watch another video, subscribe to your channel, etc.


Clear calls to action drive brand lift, even if no action is taken.

Learn more from Google.

Structure and building blocks

Hello Social Structure

Your Hello Social video has 4 types of building blocks

  1. Intro - set the scene

  2. Key Messages - Start with your strongest statement

  3. Scenes - Show your audience what makes you unique

  4. Call To Action - Get your audience to engage

30 second video:

1 Intro

3 Scenes

3 Key Messages

1 Call To Action

60 second video:

1 Intro

6 Scenes

6 Key Messages

1 Call To Action

Here's and example from our first ever Qiva video for Dock 13:

Qiva Hello Social structure


Qiva Hello Social Scenes

Every Scene should show something about your business. It could be a product, feature, machine, person, room, etc. Basically anything physical that can be filmed.

The best types of Scenes are the ones that have some kind of action happening. For example, a barista serving a coffee, a tailor fitting a suit, an engineer building a robot, or you painting your next masterpiece. Be as creative as you want!


One more important thing about Scenes.

Each scene can only contain one action. What do we mean by that? 
A single scene at a coffee shop could, for example, only include a barista serving coffee to a client.
The scene could NOT show her coming to work, serving a coffee, learning how to become an astronaut and then flying off into space.

An easy way to think about it is, if you were to stand still in one spot and observe something happening

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around you during the span of about 5 seconds. What could you see? Remember the barista.

Qiva Hello Social intro


Your Intro is a Scene, just like all the others. But it's a very special one, because it's the first thing that your audience will see. You have to grab their attention.
Having people in the Scene is always good. Humans tend to be more interested in faces than objects.

But there are no hard rules. It could also be an interesting product, feature or room. Just as long as it captures the viewer.

Key Messages

Use them to emphasise what we see on screen, or to tell your audience that which can't be told in images. Keep them simple and concise.
And for social media, put your strongest message first.
You'll be limited to 60 characters.

Qiva Hello Social Key Messages
Qiva Hello Social CTA

Call To Action

This is the last thing your audience will see. This screen will always have your logo on it AND your Call To Action.

Here you can ask your audience to engage. You can ask them to visit your web page, buy a product, sign up, like your page etc. The choice is yours.