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Qiva and Häfele Collaborate to Create Smart Home Videos

Qiva is a Nordic/Thai video production company that has been working with Häfele, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of furniture fittings and architectural hardware, for several years.


We've done a lot of work together, but our latest collaboration was particularly exciting. We were tasked with creating a series of videos to highlight Häfele Thailand’s latest smart home and office offerings.

The series consists of a 1:30-minute narrative video and five shorter social media videos. We wanted to showcase Häfele's innovative smart-home products and solutions in a fun and engaging way, so we made sure the videos were culturally relevant to the Thai market.

To do this, we leveraged our multicultural background and expertise in creating cross-cultural content. We worked closely with Häfele to understand their target audience and to develop a video strategy that would resonate with them.


The videos shows Häfele products used in various places around the home and office


Behind the scenes of a dinner scene.

The result is a series of videos that are both informative and entertaining. The narrative video tells the quirky story of a young couple who use Häfele's smart home products to make their lives easier, more enjoyable, and more fun.


We also carefully planned the script so that the longer video could be divided into five shorter stand-alone videos for social media distribution.

We're really proud of the work we did on this project, and we're excited to continue our long-term collaboration with Häfele. The videos produced are a testament to our ability to create high-quality, cross-cultural content that resonates with our target audience.


Häfele products can be controlled from your smart phone.

The final long version of the video.

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