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Live video streaming
from Thailand

Go Live!

Professional multi-camera productions for video live streaming to Facebook or YouTube, innovative business presentations using Skype or Zoom, engaging Live Stream Shopping and more.

  • 1-3 professional cameras

  • English and Thai speaking service

  • Streaming to Facebook, Youtube, Zoom, Skype and more

  • Stream over LAN, Wifi or 4G

  • Include PowerPoint presentations

Connecting with your audience

Online video streaming is a great way to connect with customers, investors, colleagues and students. Live video viewers are likely to feel excitement, immediacy and connection compared to pre-recorded video.


With Qiva Go Live! it’s easy and affordable to stream professional live video from Thailand to anywhere in the world. Engage your viewers with high-quality video, audio and presentations.

IMG_4416 edited cropped.jpg


Elevate your webinars with professional video, audio and presentations. Video webinars allow you to interact with your audience through video, Q&As and more.

Live Stream Shopping

The latest trend in e-commerce. Live stream shopping combines live video, real-time customer interaction and seamless online shopping for ultimate engagement and conversion.

Live video shopping


Hybrid conferences that combine people attending both physically and online are a great way to invite the world to your event. Qiva can help your online audience feel more connected.

Host your event on flexible virtual event platforms such as BetterCast and more.


Now you can transform your training room into a production studio and take your training online and global. You can incorporate content such as video, slides or show websites or even invite guest speakers to join the live stream!

Image by Avel Chuklanov


Use live video streaming for interviews, sport, e-sport, music performances and more. 

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