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Behind the scenes: actor laughing, with a dog next to him, in front of film camera.

Bringing Humor to Health: Qiva's Creative Journey with Dr Morepen's "Gluco One" Commercial

Welcome to a glimpse into one of Qiva's recent production! We're happy to share our journey with Dr Morepen, as we ventured into creating a commercial for their "Gluco One" blood glucose monitor, marking their first product launch in Thailand.

Tailoring to the Thai Market

Understanding the local market was our starting point. We conducted thorough research to grasp how Thai consumers perceive blood glucose monitors.

This knowledge was crucial in shaping a concept that not only appealed to the local audience but also aligned with Dr Morepen's international standards.

Qiva crew preparing for a scene
Close up of a cowboy style belt holster that holds a glucose monitor instead of a gun

A Western with a Twist

Inspired by the iconic Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone, we pitched a quirky cowboy-themed commercial. 

This idea was an imaginative blend of a familiar cinematic style with a twist to engage Thai viewers. Dr Morepen immediately loved the concept, and we moved forward with it.

The Magic Makers

The project came to life under the direction of Neung Buruj, a talented Thai director. He brought an authentic Thai vibe to this Western setup.

The main character was portrayed by Khai, an experienced actor in Thai soap operas and commercials, and his canine sidekick, Kumi, added an adorable element to the narrative.

The director overseeing a scene with Kumi the dog
Comparison between the storyboard and the final image from the video. They are very similar.

Precision in Execution

One of the key successes of this project was the meticulous pre-production, which included a detailed storyboard. This precision in planning facilitated a smooth and efficient shoot, completing it right on schedule.

The final commercial demostrates Qiva's ability to bridge international concepts with local cultural nuances. We delivered a product that resonated with Thai audiences while maintaining the global essence of Dr Morepen.

Check out the final commercial and see how we've turned a creative concept into an engaging reality.

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