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Qiva Helps Celinni Elevate their Instagram Presence

Celinni, the renowned French jeweler, recognized that their Instagram feed was one of their most crucial marketing tools. They understood that their followers wanted to see their products in action, and not just displayed in cases.


To provide their clients with fresh and engaging content, Celinni partnered with us to create 44 videos that would feature their latest collection.

Our team quickly got to work, filming all 44 videos in just two days, with the help of four models. The goal was to create stunning visuals that would showcase Celinni's jewelry on models, giving their clients a better idea of how the products would look when worn.

The videos were shot in various locations, including studio and outdoor settings, to create a diverse and visually appealing feed.

The videos were filmed with a variety of locations and models.

The videos have different styles and themes.

With these videos, Celinni can now supply consistent content to their over 80,000 followers across several accounts all over the world. The videos provide an intimate and detailed look at each piece, making it easier for potential customers to imagine how they would look wearing the jewelry.


The content also gives Celinni's followers a reason to keep coming back to their Instagram feed, as they can expect fresh and engaging videos regularly.

Qiva's partnership with Celinni was a successful collaboration that resulted in 44 beautiful videos that are now a vital part of Celinni's Instagram feed.


By providing fresh and engaging content, Celinni has been able to maintain their relevance in the highly competitive world of luxury jewelry.

Some videos are just one clip, focusing on the jewelry.

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